You know the portal gun from portal, right? It’s an oldie, but still fun to talk about. Pick two items off the list and imagine there was a portal between the two, what would it do? You don’t have to limit the portal size, make it as big or small as you like.

  • Your seat
  • The Potty
  • The Bank
  • The bottom of a swimming pool, lake, or the ocean
  • Inside a volcano
  • Somewhere On or Inside your Body
  • Voyager, or another spacecraft or probe out there
  • The sky

My choices

  • my stomach + volcano = instant heartburn
  • my stomach + the sky = bankrupt buffet
  • my stomach + the bottom of a swimming pool (empty) = a ball of flesh, after jumping off the high-dive
  • the potty + the bank = a very gross deposit
  • voyager + the sky = finally, one of those darn meteors hits